Quotes of the Week II

29 01 2010

Another Friday morning with the best quotes I could find in the sports universe during the past week.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson in a speech to his players:
“If anyone steps out of my control, they’re dead. The most important person in Manchester United is the manager.”

Kevin Garnett on his left knee injury that shelved him for over a month:
“The old ’76 Pinto got banged up a little bit.”

Top high school basketball recruit Quincy Miller in a Tweet about North Carolina’s struggling basketball team:
“Is UNC really that sorry or is my mind playing tricks on me? Hahaha.” You won’t believe this but Miller hasn’t been offered a scholarship from UNC.

Suns head coach Alvin Gentry on an ESPN-reported rumor that Amar’e Stoudemire has created tension in the Suns locker room because of trade rumors:
“It’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard.”

Warriors head coach Don Nelson on how the team will handle losing a slew of close games recently:
“We’re grown-ups. We don’t need lollipops.”

Phil Jackson on Andrew Bynum sleeping in and missing the Lakers’ flight from New York to Toronto:
“It’s a rookie mistake, as we call it, even though he’s not a rookie.”

Ex-Saints quarterback Archie Manning on whether he’ll root for the Colts — his son’s team — or the Saints during the Super Bowl:

“I’m pulling for the Colts 100 percent, it’s not even close.”

Ron Artest on his excitement level at getting to meet President Obama during the Lakers’ trip to the White House Jan. 25:

“I’m not that excited to meet him because I look at him as a regular person”

LeBron James’ response to head coach Mike Brown’s call for a double-team on Dwyane Wade on the last possession of the Cavs’ win over the Heat Jan. 25:
“I got D-Wade.” A fired up LeBron James is better than an angry Kobe Bryant. Hate to admit it but it’s true.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel on what he’d do if the Phils had kept Cliff Lee to go with Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels in the starting rotation:
“I might even be buying more expensive furniture than the Mrs. has been buying me lately.”

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork on his dissatisfaction if the Patriots re-sign him for one year with the franchise tag instead of giving him a multi-year deal. The franchise tag for a defensive tackle in 2009 was worth $6.058 million for one year:
“[The franchise tag] is decent money for most people out there.”

Nets center Brook Lopez after the Nets beat the Clippers 103-87 Jan. 27 for their fourth win:
“Did we need this? Are you kidding me? I mean we were 3-40.”

Patriots cornerback Shawn Springs when asked as a guest on ESPN2’s First Take which of the two Super Bowl teams he would rather not face:
“Well if it was me, I would hope a hurricane comes through.” One of the two Super Bowl teams plays in New Orleans, which was obviously ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Nice work, Shawn.

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin discussing his efforts to secure Super Bowl tickets from the Saints:
“Some people seem to forget I come from the business environment. So I got contacts at ESPN, USAToday, you name it. So I’m going to work it out.”

League executive to Pro Football Weekly on the recent fat contracts Raiders owner Al Davis has handed out to players:

“And he keeps throwing boatloads of money at players who cannot handle the trappings of success — [JaMarcus] Russell, Javon Walker, Terdell Sands, Tommy Kelly, DeAngelo Hall. It’s a who’s who of turds.”

Spurs head coach Greg Popovich responding to a question about a Yahoo! Sports report that the Spurs are interested in acquiring Amar’e Stoudemire:
“What the heck is Yahoo? Is it one of those computer things? Is that like Twittering?”


Proud to be an American

9 12 2009

I found this video on SI.com’s Extra Mustard section and posted it to Facebook claiming that if aliens were to visit our planet, they could watch this to figure out 90 percent of what the United States of America is all about. I think I’m onto something here.  The video provides the following examples of American culture:

Crazed football fans, a big-screen TV, lots of guns, beer, people yelling, pickup trucks, Facebook, gambling references, annoying sports chants, hunting gear, laugh-out-loud Southern accents, a woman with possibly no teeth, an obviously wasted old guy bragging about his Smith & Wesson and people tackling a shot-up TV while their drunk friends cheer them on.

Face it: There is nothing more American than this video. All we need is a Clint Black or Garth Brooks song in the background and those hypothetical aliens could go home fully satisfied that they had us figured out.

Annoying NFL fans

16 09 2009

In many respects, the 2009 MLB campaign ended this weekend. It sounds silly to think given there’s a few more weeks left in the regular season, followed by a month of postseason ball. Yet I feel like many casual sports fans clock out as soon as the NFL regular season begins. That’s how much of a beast the world’s most powerful league has become.

In lieu of that, here’s a story I wrote for MaximOnline regarding the nine most annoying NFL fans one can find. Not found on here: Philly and Oakland fans (annoying as well, but I couldn’t find enough information for a signature fan of each franchise) and the old bucket Denver Bronco fan (he allegedly retired a couple years ago). Still, there are some characters in this one, especially the first guy. Enjoy.

NFL Extreme Fans

WeightWatchers.com article — Pro sports dieticians

2 06 2009

A new WeightWatchers.com article ran today, outlining the essentials of four dieticians’ nutrition plans. Each dietician works for a professional sports franchise — MLB, NBA, NFL and MLS are repped. 

The idea for the story was to document how a nutrition plan for a pro basketball player might differ from a pro soccer player from a baseball player, and so on. Each sport — baseball, basketball, soccer and football — has its distinct requirements that alter how an athlete should hydrate and fuel him/herself. Of course, there is a common theme in the sports. For the sake of curiosity, I’ll let you read the article to find out what that is.

What They Feed the Pros