Tony Gonzalez reshapes his diet

13 12 2010

Athletes are as conscious as ever about what they eat and how it affects their on-field performance. They have plenty of incentives to eat healthier. To be an athlete in a professional sports league is as competitive as it’s ever been, especially with the amount of money they’re paid. Since their checks are cut with such large sums on them, teams are more discriminating on who they place on their team. That means athletes have to look for any edge they can get. And that leads them to opting for healthier diets, particularly with the guys who eat junk food when they come out of college. As they mature, they recognize the benefit in consuming healthy food. Tony Gonzalez is a prime example of that.

Gonzalez is well-known for his healthy eating ways. He owns a nutritional supplement company called All-Pro Science, which he started after altering his diet in 2007. I wrote about why Gonzalez changed the way he ate, and what he changed it to, for this story on

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NFL Star Reshapes His Diet


How to play football (I don’t mean soccer)

5 02 2010

Ready, Set … Football

I’ve written in this space that football has overtaken baseball as America’s sport of choice. Surely not an original thought, I know. But I do speak the truth, or so I like to think. That makes this article I wrote for especially relevant to all Americans. (If the Cowboys can still call themselves “America’s Team” then I certainly would like to be “America’s Sportswriter.”)

In an admittedly simple piece meant for the novice football player in all of us, I introduce how to play, dress and train to play a pickup football game. Experts in the article include a former NFL player, a former NFL trainer and a current NFL dietitian. When I do it, I do it big. Thanks to the help from these experts, you can quickly form even the biggest soccer fan in your family into a full-time American football player.