How to play football (I don’t mean soccer)

5 02 2010

Ready, Set … Football

I’ve written in this space that football has overtaken baseball as America’s sport of choice. Surely not an original thought, I know. But I do speak the truth, or so I like to think. That makes this article I wrote for especially relevant to all Americans. (If the Cowboys can still call themselves “America’s Team” then I certainly would like to be “America’s Sportswriter.”)

In an admittedly simple piece meant for the novice football player in all of us, I introduce how to play, dress and train to play a pickup football game. Experts in the article include a former NFL player, a former NFL trainer and a current NFL dietitian. When I do it, I do it big. Thanks to the help from these experts, you can quickly form even the biggest soccer fan in your family into a full-time American football player.