Under Armour Honors Gary Williams

24 01 2012

Nike is to Oregon as Under Armour is to Maryland, right? Uhh, not quite, although UA is making the connection with their local major university that Nike has established with its local college. UA’s dedication to making Maryland’s football team a test lab for its uniform designs and functions garnered attention this past college football season.

UA is further extending its relationship with Maryland to basketball by helping honor former men’s coach, Gary Williams. Williams retired from coaching college ball last May after a 33-year career, 22 of which came with the Terps. He’ll be honored January 25th at Maryland before their game against Duke. The university will name its court at Comcast Center by calling it Gary Williams Court, and Under Armour is finishing out the dedication with three shoes in honor of the coach.

Maryland players will wear the Bloodline and Juke while the Funk will be given to Williams in a commemorative box. Heck of a design job by UA to dress up these kicks. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s one more way for Under Armour to deepen its association with the university that they probably hope becomes as identifiable with them as Oregon is with Nike.

(From L-R: Bloodline, Juke, Funk, Funk in the box)





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