Quotes of the Week XXIV

10 11 2011

I’m two days late on Quotes of the Week; don’t complain, just read ’em.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green, who had 4 catches for 63 yards and 1 touchdown against the Seahawks in Week 7: “I would say he’s probably one of the most overrated receivers out there.”

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley on what he likes about Green Bay: “You can’t ask for a better city just because there’s nothing to do, for one thing.”

Joe Namath on Rex Ryan after he was spotted wearing Namath’s old jersey: “I’m just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 comes in that size.”

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs on Giants fans who have been booing him: “But they should boo when I’m about to score these touchdowns.”

More Jacobs: “I’ve got nothing positive to say. The most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That’s it.”

Peyton Manning’s text message to Phil Simms after Simms texted Manning he brought his name into a controversial statement on his Inside The NFL show: “Phil, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t watch your show, along with a lot of other people that I don’t think watch that show.”

Rangers manager Ron Washington in his World Series Game 7 pregame speech before the Rangers played the Cardinals: “We know we can beat those cocksuckers.”

Giants closer Brian Wilson making his pick between the Arkansas Razorbacks and South Carolina Gamecocks on ESPN’s College Gameday: “It’s a weird mascot game – you got the ‘Backs versus the ‘Cocks. And, uh, never bet against the ‘Cocks.”

A Chargers “team source” to Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver about tight end Antonio Gates: “It’s harsh to say, but he looks old and fat.”

Jets linebacker Bart Scott to Michael Kay on Kay’s radio show: “Like I said when I was in Baltimore I could remember with the Redskins you had guys fighting over strippers and all kind of stuff.”

More Bart Scott talking about strippers: “When you are in a small place like Baltimore and the temperature is relatively cold – hey you compete over the same chicks. That’s a football players favorite spot. Especially young football players. It was always a rivalry. Guys fight about hey that is my girlfriend and that’s my girlfriend, but here? Five million people, maybe more [in New York]. There is plenty for everybody.”

Georgia football coach Mark Richt in response to a reporter asking him if he had any player suspensions to report: “To answer your question, I’m not going to answer your question because I don’t like it.”

An anonymous MLB scout assessing Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder in an article by ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick: “He’s been fat since he was born, so he knows how to play with fat.”




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