NYC Marathon

10 11 2011

This week has moved so fast that I forgot I have some NYC Marathon pictures and videos to share. Given the news in the cycle this  week – PSU’s child sex abuse controversy, Greece/Italy’s situation getting worse, Joe Frazier’s death and loads of other topics – I’m beginning to feel that my thoughts on the marathon are insignificant. They probably are but I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve lived in New York City since June 2007. Sunday was the first time I watched the marathon in-person. And this is the second year I’ve lived on Second Avenue, one avenue east of a marathon’s route through Manhattan. I also lived in Queens’ Long Island City in 2009, a neighborhood through which runners travel on their way to the Queensboro/59th St. bridge.

I wanted to go simply to experience it. I had five or six friends running in it, yet my lack of an iPhone meant I wouldn’t be able to track the positioning of my friends. What I did was take a few pictures at 94th St., walk to a bar on 90th and drink a beer while watching marathoners do their thing.

One sight I enjoyed was watching people watch the marathoners from their apartment windows. One group of folks were on their building’s rooftop. Big as this city is, it can feel like a small town the way people rally around others, most of whom are strangers. That’s the part of New York City that sucks me in, as it does t many others.






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