Short NBA Lockout Rant

19 10 2011

A few quick lines here…

NBA players must stop playing the victim card on Twitter, other social media outlets and in interviews. They keep repeating the same talking points – “The owners locked us out.” “We just want to play basketball.” “We feel for your fans.” Shut up, stop it and bullshit.

I have no doubt that most, if not all, NBA players love the game. I actually side with them overall, not that it matters. But they’re not victims. They’re culpable for this lockout, same as the owners. Too many players under-perform their contracts and then don’t want to be held accountable for it. It’s because the players like money and value their position in the game, which is exactly why they’re arguing with the owners on how many concessions they must make to solve this lockout.

If players just wanted to play, they would’ve agreed to the first proposal the owners made. They don’t want to just play. They want to play on their economic terms. Which is fine, but they should be honest about their intentions. That is something fans can understand. Fans don’t want to be told that the players feel bad the game isn’t there. Fans don’t give a shit about that. They want action, and in order for action to occur the players must stop acting like victims. They have to put their energy into helping this lockout get resolved.




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