Quotes of the Week XXII

18 10 2011

Reggie Miller on NBA TV’s Game Time commenting on NBA players not living up to their contracts: “You are resting on the laurels of the players that came before you when the puddin’ was good and the banks were open.

Victor Martinez, after injuring an oblique muscle during Game 3 of the ALCS, on his prospects of playing in Game 4: “The only way I won’t play tomorrow is if I wake up and I’m dead.”

Boxer Chad Dawson on Bernard Hopkins, who Dawson said faked an injury during Dawson’s TKO last Saturday night: “I knew he didn’t want the fight. He keeps talking about Philly and being a gangster. He’s no gangster. Gangsters don’t quit. He’s weak. He’s a weak physically- and mentally-minded person. He has no power.”

Michael Irvin on a catch made by Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin: “He can play football anywhere on the football field.”

Jon Lester on the beer and chicken Red Sox pitchers consumed during games: “It was a ninth-inning rally beer. We probably ordered chicken from Popeye’s like once a month.”

Magic Johnson on LeBron James: “There’s always going to be guys who win championships in the NBA. Except LeBron. Don’t be mad.”

Jon Gruden commenting on the winless Miami Dolphins: “When you’re winless you need a win bad.”

Bill Clinton relaying a story about what Michael Jordan once said to him during a golf outing after Clinton tried to tee off from the white tee box: “You’re going to play from the little girls’ tee?”

Marlins manager Carlos Guillen criticizing White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper. Cooper made a comment on a radio show that Guillen had told Sox GM Kenny Williams to let coaches on his staff sweat it out as Guillen moved from the Sox to the Marlins: “He backstabbed his fellow coaches, the guys he worked with for years. You got family? That’s fine. Everyone does. We all knew Coop was Kenny’s bitch.”

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in response to being asked if he was a “flash in the pan.” He joked he was the “flavor of the week”: “Call me Haagen-Dazs black walnut.”




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