Raiders or L.A.

11 10 2011

Hopefully, the Raiders move to Los Angeles and solve my dilemma. Ever since 2008, when I officially dropped the 49ers as my favorite NFL team, I’ve been in this weird fan free agency in which I’ve sought a new favorite club. My dilemma exists primarily because my hometown, L.A., doesn’t have a team.

I’m a supporter of people rooting for teams from their hometown. The Dodgers and Lakers are my teams and have been since I was 5 or 6, whenever I started paying attention to sports. The 49ers became my team around that time mostly because I was a frontrunner. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Super Bowls. I was all in. Plus, the L.A. teams didn’t do anything for me.

The Rams played in Orange County. For those not in the know, Orange County is NOT in Los Angeles. The Raiders were a natural fit since they played at the Coliseum in downtown L.A. But my Dad didn’t like them and the association with the Raiders wasn’t great. Yes, they had Bo Jackson in the late ’80s/early ’90s. Yet they played in the rundown Coliseum. The neighborhood surrounding that stadium when I was growing up in L.A. wasn’t good; it’s different today.

Of course, I regret not rooting for the Raiders. Now that they’re back in the Bay Area, I wonder if I could root for them. It would violate essentially every reason I had for dropping the 49ers. For one, they were a Bay Area, specifically, San Francisco team. Given that I’m a Dodgers fan, San Fran is the last city for which I want to cheer for a team. Second, the 49ers aren’t in L.A., which goes against my belief that people should support hometown teams.

I’m considering waiting out the situation to see what develops in Los Angeles. Two viable stadium projects are set up for potential NFL landing spots. The Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Vikings and even the Rams and Raiders are considered teams which might make a move to L.A. How long a wait there is before a team makes a move is undetermined. I hope it happens sooner than later because I’m tired of being without an NFL team. If I get impatient, I may just bite the bullet and do what I really want: to become a Raiders fan.








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