Quotes of the Week XXI

11 10 2011

More of the best quotes from the past week in sports.


Dolphins linebacker Kevin Burnett to a reporter, after what apparently was a question Burnett didn’t like: “I don’t know how you want to talk to me, homeboy. If you’ve got something to say, come at me like a man, homeboy. Don’t hide behind no computer.”

Rays owner Stuart Steinberg expressing his frustration at the Rays’ lack of attendance despite their winning ways. He referenced the situation in Oakland, where the A’s are more likely to get a stadium: “And Oakland by hook and crook will have a situation clearer well before we will, and we will be the last man standing. Or in this case, lying down.”

Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson, after making a pitch on a radio show to date Olivia Wilde, on his desire to “go for it” in life: “I like to party, whatever, it’s cool.”

Rams defensive coordinator Ken Flajole after pulling his groin while demonstrating a play as a linebacker: “I was trying to be a young guy and help on the pass drill and I realized I’m an old guy.”

Tracy McGrady, on Twitter, in response to a question of whether he used his Amex Black card during a trip to Greece: “I could buy that country w/ my blk card.”

A worker of the grounds crew at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium describing what the famous rally squirrel was doing in the outfield last Monday: “He dug out the sand, put the peanut in and actually took the grass clippings and covered it back up.”

49ers running back Frank Gore on the Eagles during the second half of their 24-23 Week 4 loss to the 49ers: “I think playing that second half and the way we came out, the Eagles didn’t want to play no more.”

Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan describing the impact of his alter ego, Tony Plush, on the MLB playoffs: “Thanks to Plush, the TV ratings are going to go up a little higher.”

The Director of Security at the Frys.com Open golf tournament on a fan who tossed a hot dog in Tiger Woods’ direction on Sunday: “He’s just an idiot.”

Arjun Atwal, playing in Woods’ group, describing the hot dog guy: “That guy could have been shot the way he ran out there with that hot dog.”

Alan Cannon, Texas A&M associate AD, commenting sarcastically on Texas Tech fans who spray-painted messages on A&M’s four buses on Tech’s campus last Saturday: “Whoever did this used washable paint on the outside, so that was nice of them.”

Saints play-by-play guy Jim Henderson on what Saints players likely thought of former teammate Jeremy Shockey, whose Panthers team played the Saints Sunday: “I think deep down inside, I think they thought he was a jerk, too.”

Raiders defensive lineman Tommy Kelly on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who threw a game-ending interception in the endzone to seal the Raiders’ 25-20 win vs. the Texans on Sunday: “Old boy choked.”

Titans defensive lineman Dave Ball summing up the team’s effort in its 38-17 Week 5 loss to the Steelers: “They kicked our butts and we kicked our butts.”




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