Landscape design meets sports

31 08 2011

As I enter Hour 5 of watching this Tuesday night Yankees-Red Sox game…

I’ve finally found a way to make use of my undergraduate degree in Landscape Design. It took a career switch from that field to sports journalism to do it, but I’ve been writing for Landscape Architecture Magazine since January.

I had been an avid reader of the magazine while I attended Montana State University. Once I moved here and began writing about sports, I thought I could – should – leverage my interest in sports to write about sports-related news for LAM. There are plenty of ways in which the landscaping industry relates to the sports world. LAM agreed to have me write for its NOW section, which is comprised of 400-600 word news stories on the industry.

My first story for LAM documented a cold-tolerant form of Bermuda grass that’s used in football and baseball stadiums in the upper Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions. A second story traced how a heated Auburn-Alabama football rivalry led to the poisoning of Auburn’s sacred Toomer’s Oaks, and what Auburn University was doing to try to save them. A third piece showed how New York City’s Parks and Recreation Department built a cricket field at a park in Queens. The sport is growing in the city, so Parks & Rec has added new fields throughout most of the boroughs.

I have two more stories coming up – one in the September issue and another in October. Each is unrelated to sports, which is fine. Writing is writing, no matter the topic. I am comfortable covering subjects which reach beyond the sports world. I’m happy to do it. There are plenty of non-sports topics which interest me, and LAM is giving me an outlet to cover them. Feel free to check out my articles for the magazine by clicking on the ‘LAM’ tab above and to the right.




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