Judging Personalities, Not Talent

24 06 2011

I love behind-the-scenes information. What excites and interests me most about sports is that information which you don’t catch on SportsCenter or from your favorite team’s beat reporter. The world of sports health, specifically, is what fascinates me because it’s constantly evolving. How do teams help their players recover from injury? What do athletes eat and drink to consume to take care of their bodies? How do teams evaluate the mental makeup of athletes? These are the questions that intrigue me, and it’s that last question which I explored recently for Wired.com.

A couple NBA teams had told me they used Sports Aptitude as a form of psychological analysis. Of course, to call SA psycho analysis would be doing it a disservice, especially when you drop that term on the company’s founders. SA likes to call their analysis ‘personality and behavioral assessment’, which is legitimate when considering what they analyze. They basically have players take their assessments (185 questions that take 25-35 minutes to complete) and then use their algorithms to break down, in a 1-10 rating, each personality trait they deem worthy of analyzing.

The next frontier in athlete evaluation is minimizing risk. Teams don’t want to waste their money, and gaining more information on a player’s behavior helps teams assess whether that’s the person who deserves their time and cash. Here’s what Sports Aptitude’s role is and why NBA teams value it.

Click the link below to read the story:

Player-Aptitude Reports Are Critical for NBA Prospects




One response

29 06 2011
Brian Clapp

I find the subject fascinating – I remember reading a while back that when Danny Ainge first came to the Celtics he employed a guy called “The Brain Doctor” (quick google search break provided his name: Jon Niednagel) who would brain-type athletes and evaluate their potential NBA success. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. Professional teams invest so much in players, but never know about the internal factors that up until now no one attempted to measure. If these new age techniques can give a bit of insight into discovering how high a players ceiling may be it would sure be worth the money!

Really enjoyed the read Kyle.

P.S. Can Sports Aptitude explain why my 2 year old refuses to listen to me? I’d pay big money for that insight.

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