High-tech golf gear

11 06 2011

Who says golf is boring? The sport interests me so much because of the convergence of tradition and technology. Golf has a pace of play and set of rules which go back decades, perhaps centuries, if you want to take it that far. Yet it’s one of the most technologically-sophisticated sports there is; its level of difficulty inspires players to look for a competitive advantage wherever they can get it. Golf equipment companies recognize this and capitalize on it monetarily by providing a vast number of products marketed to help golfers’ games.

Face it, most of us are suckers for slickly marketed and packaged items that can help us. Whether it’s with our golf game or  something else in our life – cooking, working out, watching movies – really doesn’t matter. People are willing to shell out cash for items that can help them.

I figured that with golf season in full effect for nearly every part of our country – my mom is still having trouble playing regularly on Montana’s flood-ravaged courses – it would make sense to provide a photo-based gallery of 10-15 golf items on Wired.com’s Playbook that can help a golfer’s game.

These aggregation stories are always tough. I knew that for it to work it would have to comprise a multitude of golf products – clubs, balls, tees, clothes, teaching guides. My editor had some great ideas for products to target, and I knew of a couple others which would work. The problem here is accurately representing what’s new on the market. It doesn’t make sense to profile products that have been available for a few years. The point is to introduce new items to readers. They don’t necessarily have the access to companies that I do as a writer. A company is going to want to profile a new product using us as the conduit through which to do that. Yet there are always obstacles to doing this.

Someone reading this story might wonder where Titleist is, or why a Sun Mountain product isn’t included. Well, for one thing, we felt like it’s best to cap a gallery to only so many products. There are 12 in this story, even though I probably could’ve done 20-plus had I wanted to do that. But at what point does the reader tire of the story before he or she just wants to move on? Twelve is a number that provides enough variety without taking up too much of the readers’ time.

And without taking up too much more of your time, I’ll link to the story:

Click the link below to read the story.

12 High-tech Golf Products (Wired.com Playbook)



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