Time to watch LeBron

7 06 2011

A friend texted me the other day with an interesting question. He asked if it’s worth it for casual NBA fans to watch these Finals? A series without the Lakers or Celtics could leave the perception that it’s less important than one with the Mavericks or Heat. Yet the numbers say the Heat are more popular. The percentage of their home capacity that attended each game was 100.9 percent, outdrawing the Celtics (100) and Lakers (99.7). Miami’s average road attendance of 19,447 was tops in the league, right ahead of the Lakers (19,087) and C’s (18,964). All sorts of cable TV ratings records have been set by the Heat during their runs in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Finals. So, the Heat are watchable; there’s one more important reason for even casual fans to view their games.

The Heat are likely the NBA’s next dynasty. It can’t be said with certainty given the unpredictability of what the league’s next collective bargaining agreement will look like, and what effect that will have on teams’ ability to hoard stars. Assuming the Heat can find enough money for Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in the next CBA, it’s within reason that they can reach the next three or four Finals – at least.

If an NBA fan, even a casual one, is interested in witnessing the formation of possibly the next NBA dynasty then these Finals are critical to watch. Hell, they’re worth it to watch simply because LeBron is at the front-end of his prime. And if he’s to go down as a top-five player by the end of his career, it sure would be memorable to watch him win his first title.




One response

7 06 2011
T. William Gooch

The biggest reason I asked the question is that I don’t have cable anymore and it would really take some effort to get out of the house to watch the game. If I still had cable it would not have been much of a issue.

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