LeBron Not In A Career-Defining Moment

15 05 2011

Some folks were turned off by LeBron James’ celebration with Dwyane Wade as they wrapped up their second-round series against the Celtics. Others approved of it since they thought it represented James getting over a hump against the Celtics. Technically, that’s true. But it’s also b.s. James developed his frustration against the Celtics as a Cavalier, but he “overcame” his past failings against them with a different team. I don’t think that qualifies as a player finally getting past a squad.

James’ Cavaliers lost to the Celtics in seven games in the 2008 second round. They lost to the Celtics in six games in the 2010 second round. And then there are various regular season games that each team has played, but those two playoffs comprise all of the supposed mental barrier the Celtics had built against James.

Now, if James had led the core of his Cavaliers team to a playoff series victory against the Celtics, then I would be more open to thinking James cleared a career hurdle. The truth is he helped defeat the Celtics with a new team and a new core of players, save for his former Cleveland and current Miami teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who isn’t that instrumental to Miami’s success. James might consider this to be the next step in his career and that’s all fine and good. Yet James has been to an NBA Finals. He’s had multiple 60-win seasons with the Cavaliers. It’s not as if the guy has never won. And even though he did beat the Celtics, it wasn’t with the team which shared so much of his frustration and angst.




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