Twitterers have to be more efficient

4 04 2011

I love Twitter for three reasons: 1) I can customize my news by following sports writers, news agencies and experts in various industries, 2) I can market the hell out of myself and my published stories and 3) it’s the ultimate networking tool.

There’s one glaring reason why I can’t stand Twitter at times: people who provide annoying, useless and, at times, vain tweets. In general, I don’t care if someone got four hours sleep and now has to chug extra coffee to wake up. There’s little value in my knowing that someone is on a great vacation at an exotic beach (unless they tell me something historical or real interesting about the place they’re visiting). And I really couldn’t care less about how many bad jokes someone has for the weather or an NBA player’s hairdo or any other subject on which they feel like they can riff.

Now, it’s not as if every tweet I write is applicable to all my followers. I’m sure I’ve written plenty of notes that many people following me felt like they didn’t need to know. But I’ve taken a conscientious effort to make my Twitter feed valuable. People want good information; I can deliver that through information I learn for the various stories I write. Too many people on Twitter write wasteful messages. It’s like they want to see their name on the Twitter feed, rather than understanding what their followers might want from them. It’s like a bad color commentator who talks too much without teaching anything to the viewer.

There’s not much to be done about dealing with annoying Twitterers, other than un-following them. The problem with that is if you follow through on that, sometimes that person will un-follow you in turn; many times it’s important to keep that Twitter relationship alive in case you might need something from that person down the road. So, you have to put up with the useless stuff they tweet about, hoping you miss their worst messages when you’re not scanning Twitter. That’s part of the give-and-pull on Twitter. It’s a great tool for news, marketing and networking, but it’s easy for people to use it inappropriately.




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