Yoga in the NBA – The Chinese Version

22 03 2011

How do you say yoga in Chinese? If you know the answer to that question, then you’ll probably be able to read the following article. The following images are of my NBA yoga that I wrote for SLAMonline in the new edition of SLAM China. I made it to China! The EIC at SLAM sent me an email a couple weeks ago telling me that SLAM China wanted to pick up the story I had wrote about yoga’s prevalence in the NBA. I said “cool” and that was that.

My favorite part of this is that I have an English by-line in a Chinese article. Thanks, China! They also put Kent Katich’s name (L.A. Clippers yoga instructor), but I can’t figure out the context of our names together. Did the SLAM China editors put it so that it says By Kyle Stack as told by Kent Katich? I’ll have to get someone on that. Anyway, if you can read Chinese then I highly recommend this. If you can’t, then here’s the English version.










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