Under Armour’s “smart” shirt

24 02 2011

The NFL Combine has been popularlized as an overrated workout session, where the NFL’s next brightest and best get poked and prodded. NFL scouts and general managers on the prowl for the next superstars get an up-close look at how fast players run, how quickly they change direction and how well they perform all physical tools within a tense and competitive environment. Every player is competing for the millions of dollars that are to be gained with a rise in draft selection. And now Under Armour has a shirt that they can wear to give NFL teams even more information about the state of their physical condition.

I was presented an opportunity to write about UA’s E39 compression shirt a few weeks ago. I thought Wired.com might make a natural fit for something like this, as it has for several other forms of sports apparel and shoes which I have covered the past few months. So, I wrote about it, and I learned about braking forces and deceleration. Not that I’m fast-footed enough to think it will affect my athletic future.

Click on the link below to read the story:

In-Chest Sensors Gather Data on NFL Prospects




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