The NFL’s Uncertain Offseason

18 01 2011

Everybody seems to love the NFL, as their ratings show. The New York Jets-New England Patriots matchup last Sunday received 43 million viewers, the highest number ever for the NFL’s playoff divisional round. The league can’t seem to do anything wrong. Of course, the one way they can shoot themselves in the foot is to enforce a work stoppage. That seems like an eminent possibility as the league and the Player’s Association bicker publicly about a Collective Bargaining Agreement which expires March 4.

If a deal isn’t in place by March 4, the owners will likely lock the players out, forcing the NFL’s first work stoppage since 1987. Given that free agency will effectively stop with a work stoppage, I thought it would be relevant to assess what questions NFL teams need to consider now, in case that work stoppage actually occurs. I spoke with two former NFL team executives and a sports economist to find out what questions are most relevant to answer.

NFL CBA (print version)

NFL CBA (Web version)




One response

31 01 2011
Jeffrey Y

Too much money on the table to walk away from both sides — that’s obvious.

It’ll be interesting just how powerful egos can get. If money drives the sport, it can certainly stop it. They’ll play chicken up until the 11th hour, I think.

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