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10 12 2010

No matter how much criticism Bill Simmons receives, NBA fans can’t argue he brings serious value to the League. He’s written a 700-page book on basketball, and he routinely writes about and produces podcasts of the NBA through his mega-platform on He’s good for the NBA.

Of course, there are people who trash him on a regular basis. This is part and parcel of what it’s like to be a sports writer, and to have made it atop the industry. I’m among those who get annoyed by Simmons, particularly by his writing. His columns are far too long for the messages he typically sends; there’s no reason for him to exhaust as many words as he does. He also talks about his Boston teams too much. Recently, he blasts Kobe Bryant repeatedly for shooting 6-for-24 in Game 7 of last June’s Finals without realizing he’s violating a fundamental belief of all common sports fans, which he prides himself on being: You can’t talk trash to the opposing team when they beat your squad.

All that said, I appreciate what Simmons contributes. His podcasts are generally excellent, even during the times when he pats himself on the back for nailing a predicted game outcome or for foreseeing an event playing out a certain way. His involvement in developing ESPN’s 30-for-30 series was vital in forming one of the great documentary series ever. He knows the NBA very well, and it comes across whenever he discusses it. Which is why I’m looking forward to his participation in ESPN’s broadcast of the Miami Heat-Golden State Warriors game tonight.

I believe he provided commentary on a West Coast college basketball game a couple years ago, and a Celtics game at some point in 2009 to promote his book. Beyond that, I’m not sure he has any other game broadcasting experience. One of the topics he’s written about so thoroughly over the years has been how broadcasters should conduct themselves during games. It’ll be interesting to see if he heeds his advice, or if the adrenaline of being in the booth turns him into the type of announcer he blasts on a continuous basis in his columns and podcasts.


I have a couple more links to stories. I wrote about a few health, easy ways to incorporate eggs into a guy’s diet on AOL Health. I also explained how EA Sports used social media to promote NBA Jam, for SLAMonline.




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11 12 2010
Bill Simmons the broadcaster; AOL Health, SLAMonline stories « | Whats Hot

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