Qatar’s soccer stadiums

8 12 2010

A view of the entrance to New Sports City Stadium in Doha. Image: Populous

I don’t have a problem with Qatar obtaining the 2022 World Cup instead of the United States. Why do we need the Cup? Those  stories of economic prosperity for host countries are usually baloney. Do we want to invest billions of hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of dollars into sports stadium upgrades? Would hosting a World Cup really put us over the top as a soccer-loving nation? I say no on both accounts. What I prefer is to let a loaded nation like Qatar spend $57 billion to host a month-long sporting event, then tear down half the capacity in most of their stadiums.

Of course, those stadiums look fantastic, which is why I spoke to the architect of one of them. New Sports City Stadium in Doha has a lot of great features, which I pointed out in this article for’s Playbook.

Click on the link below to read the story:

Qatar World Cup Stadiums Promise Eco-Friendly Soccer Utopia




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