NBA players like to donate

25 11 2010

A quick Thanksgiving post here as I run out the door to Long Island…there are many NBA ballers who donate game tickets to fans. Some of them create fan sections. I have a look at examples of players who try to make other people happy. Call it a feel-good story if you want. I’m not usually one for the sappy, gushing story, but I like this one.

I was talking with one NBA player yesterday who explained he was frustrated that the media sensationalizes athletes’ lives so much; he wished people would write more about the good things athletes do. Lest you roll your eyes, remember that’s a common refrain from folks who read the news. Negativity is prioritized. I am a realistic guy, so I don’t think it’s plausible to put an optimistic shine on everything. However, the NBA player had a point. Sometimes it’s sensible just to highlight the good things people do for others. What better day to show that than on Thanksgiving!

Click the link below to read the story:

NBA Players In Charitable Mood




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