Mike Breen interview, Knicks preview

27 10 2010

I have a couple new stories that in one way go hand-in-hand. First up is an interview with NBA play-by-play announcer Mike Breen for SLAMonline. New Yorkers recognize him as the lead voice of Knicks games on MSG Network. NBA fans nationwide recognize Breen as the lead voice for ESPN/ABC’s NBA telecasts. Breen is the voice of reason when game analysts Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy become mired in yet another disagreement. (I do like this announcing team, by the way.) Breen was gracious with his time; here is the result of a 34-minute phone discussion about Breen’s responsibilities as a play-by-play commentator.

Click the link below to read the story:

Mike Breen Q + A

Next up is a Knicks preview for amNew York. I spoke with NBA TV analyst Dennis Scott for this one. You might remember Scott as the sharp-shooting small forward on those Shaq-Penny Orlando Magic teams from the early-mid ’90s. (They were my preferred team on NBA Live ’95. Just like everybody else who played that legendary game.) I’m excited for the Knicks and, more importantly, my friends who are Knicks fans. I’m tired of them being so depressed. Something good needs to happen with this franchise. The Knicks won’t be a championship contender, but perhaps competing for the playoffs will resuscitate this dead fan base.

Click the link below to read the story:

Knicks 2010 preview




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