Golf, car technology converge

25 10 2010

My editor at approached me with a story I never would have seen coming. Callaway and Lamborghini had an announcement to make about a new carbon-fiber material they formed through their research partnership. Who would think a golf and automotive manufacturer could have a shared interest in one technology? That’s what I asked myself until I arrived at a loft in SoHo where the small event was held.

There were two golf mats set up with hose video screens that let you hit a ball into them and track its distance, trajectory and swing speed. It was a slightly awkward event in that so few reporters were invited to join — perhaps for good reason. The CEO and R&D director from each company was present, and it doesn’t make sense to give that type of access to just anybody. I was fortunate was one of the few attendees, and here is what I found out about that seemingly unusual partnership.

Click the link below to read the story:

Callaway, Lamborghini Execs Speak Out on Carbon-Fiber Partnership




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