NBA logos; Explanation of concussions

3 10 2010

I like to keep busy, which means I blog at 12:15 a.m. on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. One of those days where I couldn’t muster the energy to even leave the apartment, so I just watched football/baseball/golf and read all day. I didn’t write an article today, but I have a couple more here which came out this week.

Five NBA teams made changes to their logo this past off-season, some more than others. An overriding theme for the franchises was a return to their roots. That’s expressed more in some teams (Warriors) than others (Cavaliers). The successful part of this story was that I was able to speak with an executive from four of the five squads. (I didn’t pursue someone from the Clippers since their part in the story is minimal, per the small change in their logo.) It took me three months to get at the Warriors, which makes me feel prouder that I actually got this story to go live before the NBA season begins.

Click the link below to read the story:

NBA Team Logo Changes

Meanwhile, over in land I came out with a story about concussions. As is the nature with most pieces on that website, the story takes an overview of the injury, what it is, how you get it and how to treat it. The goal with stories there are to write to an audience that might not know much about health, in general. They’re interested by it, but you have to assume a reader hasn’t done any research on his/her own accord. So, this story explains concussions in a straight forward, detailed manner.

Click the link below to read the story:

What’s the Deal with … Concussions



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