NBA Store videos, pictures

28 09 2010

As with any sporting event I attend, there are tons of videos and pictures which never see the light of day. It’s about damn time I start posting this stuff on here so that you can see the same stuff I get to see. In this case, it’s Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Wilson Chandler and Jordan Farmar just having a slamming time at the NBA Store last week. They were there to help the NBA and adidas unveil the new Revolution 30 jerseys, which use technology to absorb players’ sweat and lighten jerseys simultaneously. You can read more about it here. Okay, onto the all the videos and images (with captions).

Dwight is obviously a very happy man -- revved to go.

The fellas are captivated as only they could be.

Farmar gets Dwight's jersey. He's very into it.

It's all about teamwork, baby. The Handoff.

Dwight and Brook wait with bated breath.

Smiles all around as Dwight passes to Farmar.

Dwight is managing the troops, and he senses a problem.

Dwight got up in my grill and I was like "Yo man, take it easy."

Everyone is happy.



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