NBA Jam is back!

24 09 2010

I have so many videos from various sports events this summer that I need to post. We’re talking U.S. Open, special seats at a Yankees game, New Meadowlands Stadium, up-close access with NBA players…I’m thinking of starting a second blog, possibly on Tumblir, just for all my pictures and videos which haven’t made it on here. But I needed to post this video NOW.

I was at the EA Sports Triple-Double event yesterday for an upcoming story. EA is introducing NBA Elite ’11 and the new NBA Jam at this event in midtown Manhattan through Saturday — they had stations all over the room of a former bank ready for anyone to play the new titles. There was a side room with TVs and consoles set up to play all the legendary EA Sports games throughout the years. We’re talking Bulls v. Lakers, NBA Live titles through the ’90s and ’00s — even Madden ’11, which is what Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard was holding down. (I spoke to him as he played the game, with some quotes slated for the story.)

But the best station was the Jam arcade. The EA folks set up the new version of Jam in the old arcade. It was amazing and I have video. Enjoy:




2 responses

24 09 2010

Dude. I remember when we played this when we were kids at the arcade. The new version looks like it kept all of the core things that made it fun.

24 09 2010

Yeah man, I remember it was at that bowling alley a few blocks down the street from Pinecrest. On the way to Thousand Oaks. Yep, I actually thought it was the old game until I saw OKC. I think they got the player faces down pretty well. The gameplay looks great.

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