Stack and STAT!

16 09 2010

I’m pretty sure Amar’e Stoudemire and I would make a great duo in a modern-day New York City cop show. After all, my last name is Stack and his nickname is STAT. One syllable for each of us and it nearly rhymes. I’m a naturally-born Jew, and he just found out he has Jewish roots. I am the definition of sarcasm and dry humor; Amar’e appears to have plenty of dry wit in him. We’re even the same age. So, we have the name, the Jewish connection, fairly similar senses of humor and we’re from the same generation.

Now, I’m 5’10 and he’s listed at 6’10, although folks in NBA circles claim he’s closer to 6’8. This could be a problem. Cop duos usually have to be somewhere near the same height so they can talk without that awkwardness of looking up or down. The only exception I can think of is Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, who is probably 5’4.

Perhaps the most stark difference between us is Amar’e could likely pick me up and dunk me. I really don’t doubt that. The guy is a legit physical freak. I can’t wait to see him throw down in a Knicks uniform because it means two things — the Suns are much less dangerous (a good thing for me since I’m a Lakers fan) and Knicks fans won’t be so damn depressing to hang around this season. New Yorkers finally have a legitimate NBA star after all these years. I never considered Allan Houston to be one; Pat Ewing and his sweat represent the last legit NBA star to call Madison Square Garden his home. The Knicks’ franchise momentum will return to right path with Amar’e (at least for a couple seasons) and if that happens, he’ll become big enough here that he’ll never want to test his acting chops in a TV cop sitcom.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Amar’e Stoudemire Q + A



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