Quotes of the Week XV

13 09 2010

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s fumbling problems:
“He’s such a talented back and he runs so hard that I think it’s almost instinctual for him that he lets that ball loose a little bit sometimes. I don’t know how he corrects it. I hope he hasn’t corrected it, to be honest with you.”

Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper on what word he would use to describe himself:

“Gorgeous. No (laughing). If I had to describe myself in one word, Hercules. I guess…”

Team USA basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski on Team Russia’s coach David Blatt saying Monday that Russia was the rightful winner in the controversial Olympic gold medal game between USA and Russia in 1972. Blatt recalled that he cried after the game:
“You know, he coaches the Russian team, so he probably has that viewpoint, and his eyes are clearer now because there are no tears in them.”

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick displaying a sharp knowledge of social media when asked if he follows Chad Ochocinco’s tweets:
“I don’t do Twitter or MyFace or any of that stuff.”

Roy Jones Jr., 41, on why he wants to continue boxing:
“Got nothing else to do but get in trouble or get fat, so what I got to stop for?”

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis on what he thinks of the New York Jets. The Ravens and Jets play Monday night:
“They’re doing all this talking, like they’re in the Super Bowl. OK, do what you do, but come Monday night, the whistle is going to blow and somebody is going to get hit.”

More Lewis on his team’s readiness for Monday night:
“We’re packing our bags, and we’re not packing our bags to come play water polo.”

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan in response to Lewis’ comments:
“We’re going to try to smash him, I can tell you that much.”

Jets linebacker — and former Raven — Bart Scott in reaction to Lewis’ comments:
“If you listen to all his news conferences, they’re pretty much the same thing. It’s part of how he builds it up.”

Scott on Lewis’ new Old Spice commercial:
“That’s probably the worst commercial I’ve ever seen. It looked like some student shot it.”

San Francisco Giants right fielder — and resident old man — Aubrey Huff on getting hit on the right elbow in a game vs. the Padres:
“I just realized it was my funny bone; nothing was broken and we’re good. I didn’t want to ‘Roger Dorn’ it too much.”

NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin’s physical strength:

“Everybody who talks about him, they say ‘Look at him from the waist down.'”

LPGA golfer Julie Inkster on a ruling that disqualified her from a tournament earlier in the year. While waiting on a hole, she put a weight to a club and took practice swings to stay loose. A fan watching on TV called in the violation to tournament officials:

“I was disappointed, and I think it’s a stupid rule, and I think it’s even stupider that someone can call in.”

New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss on what he did this past off-season:
“I prided my offseason in staying off Revis Island.”

Washington Redskins fan yelling near Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s press conference after the ‘Boys lost to the ‘Skins on Sunday:
“How ’bout those Dallas Cowgirls!?”



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