Caron Butler interview; Food at the U.S. Open

6 09 2010

A few new stories for today. Over at SLAMonline, I have an interview with Caron Butler. That one focuses on Butler’s business interests — specifically his ownership of six Burger King franchises. Athletes are in the news for their post-career financial hardships all too often. Butler looks as though he’ll never be slotted into that category as he expands his business investments beyond the fast food industry.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Caron The Businessman Butler

Over at, I have a couple new posts on food presented at the ongoing U.S. Open. Maye Musk, a dietitian in New York City, was kind enough to evaluate the nutritional advantages and disadvantages of the menus from five nationally renowned chefs who were recruited to create special items for Open attendees. If you plan on visiting the Open, as I will this Thursday, you may want to check out Musk’s take on the menus.

Cilck on the links below to read the stories.

U.S. Open (Part 1)

U.S. Open (Part 2)




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