The NBA franchise tag

2 09 2010

I love writing about the business of the NBA for SLAMonline, partly because they give me creative freedom to do so. Ken Berger at CBS Sportsline wrote about the possibility of a franchise tag in the NBA in late July. I thought it was a great column idea and decided to do the same.

Of course, I had to include NBA salary cap expert Larry Coon and sports law expert Gabe Feldman from Tulane University. But I thought I needed a former NBA executive to give the article a balance of sources. I figured I’d need an exec outgoing enough to talk to me (I’m not exactly someone that execs know – yet) and someone not looking to immediately get back into the NBA game. Steve Kerr, a former Phoenix Suns GM who might be on TV for awhile now that he’s back with TNT, seemed like the perfect choice. TNT hooked it up and I got Kerr on the phone 30 minutes after thinking about him as a possible source.

Then I figured I needed someone connected with the NFL to explain how the franchise tag works there. J.I. Halsell, a former Washington Redskins executive, seemed like a natural choice, as I greatly enjoy his writings for Football Outsiders. See how all these sources came together to explain whether a franchise tag could exist in the NBA — and who it would benefit.

Click on the link below to read the story.

A Franchise Tag in the NBA (1)



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