NBA Owners Cry Wolf?

10 08 2010

It’s become the NBA’s position in its Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations with the league’s player’s union that team owners are taking it in the shorts financially. But are they? How accurate is that when tens of millions of dollars are dispersed to such iconic players as Drew Gooden, Amir Johnson and Travis Outlaw? Or is that simply a reasonable cause of supply and demand?

Frankly, the LeBron/Wade/Bosh triumvirate signing with the Miami Heat opened the doors for more average to below-average NBA players signing for big bucks. Think Amir Johnson would have received $34 million from any team other than the Raptors? If Bosh had returned there, Amir could’ve been out of luck. The Nets striking out meant they could spend $34 million on Outlaw. Even the Mavericks inexplicably allotted $55 million for Brendan Haywood when they saw that any scenario bringing LeBron or Bosh to Big D wouldn’t work. And this was a team that was supposed to have learned its lesson about overpaid big men after inking Erick Dampier to a $72 million deal in 2004.

Even good players struck oil because the teams they signed with were officially in panic mode once it was apparent Miami was hauling in the best available players. The Knicks gave Amar’e Stoudemire $100 million to show their fans they would do something this off-season. If any other team would’ve gone near that figure, they might have been more inclined to at least partially guarantee the final two years of Stoudemire’s five-year deal. Instead, it’s fully guaranteed. The Bulls signed Carlos Boozer for $75 million after they knew they couldn’t get to any of the Big Three.

So long story shot, there was a lot of cash floating around the NBA this summer. Here’s what I and others have to say about it.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Is The NBA Really Losing Money




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