WeightWatchers.com: Prince Fielder; NFLers battling the heat

3 08 2010

Whenever I tell people that I write for WeightWatchers.com, they always give me a curious look. They question whether I write about the healthiest bon-bons for people to eat while they watch daytime soaps or whether I write about the latest new weight loss tips. And I always counter that it is actually an ideal site for a sportswriter because there are so many issues today pertaining to health in professional sports. There’s an endless list of subjects for me to write about. Such as…

Prince Fielder and his worthiness for receiving a hefty new contract. Prince is a hefty man himself, so much that his weight could ultimately be the deciding factor in just how large a contract he receives. I wrote a blog post about that.

Tom Shaw, professional trainer to a litany of NFL players, and how he keeps them hydrated during his off-season camps in Orlando. Awareness for hydration must be at an all-time high in professional sports, especially in football. I spoke with Mr. Shaw about what he does to ensure his players maximize their physical performance in the Florida heat.

Click on the links below to read the stories.

Prince Fielder

Tom Shaw hydration




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