Lane Kiffin is a Spoiled Child

28 07 2010

It feels weird to be writing on this page again. It’s been over two weeks since I posted anything, which is due primarily to a vacation that’s taken me to St. Louis, Phoenix and Montana. Not much writing has been done on this trip but that’ll change. It’ll change because it has to, because I need to get back into that work mindset again.

What better way for me to resume my blog writing than to announce Lane Kiffin as the perfect head coach for a school known as the University of Spoiled Children to all who hate on the University of Southern California.

It was no secret just a few days ago that Kiffin was a ruthless, arrogant punk. That he left the University of Tennessee for Southern Cal after only 14 months on the job showed precisely where his loyalties lie — with himself and himself only.

Yet his latest move, hiring Tennessee Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola without first informing the Titans of his intention to talk to him, is surprising. Kiffin’s move to SC gave him a reputation of a slimeball willing to do whatever it takes to gain ground in his career. Hiring Pola showed that Kiffin doesn’t even have the discipline to lay low when his botched credibility is still fresh in people’s minds.

In just about any profession, when you want to hire someone from a different organization, it’s appropriate to initially discuss your intentions with that person’s boss. In the football coaching world, a world in which connections and relationships is as important as anything, it would seem like that would have to be Priority #1.

Even more confounding is that Kiffin made this move against a team whose head coach played for USC. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is a respected man in football coaching circles and has shown pride in hailing from USC. Maybe Kiffin didn’t target Pola with the intention of leaving Fisher without a running backs coach a week before training camp opens, but I don’t get why Kiffin wouldn’t have re-considered his intentions knowing that he would put an alumni of the school he represents in an awkward position.

Kiffin is only 35 years old, so perhaps his arrogant nature will wear off. Perhaps he’ll mature and realize that he can’t dismiss certain unwritten rules in the coaching world. Even though he should be more aware than the average 35-year-old coach, since his dad Monte has been a football coach for 44 years, it just might be that Lane needs a longer period of time to reach his maturation stage. Or, perhaps, he’s just an arrogant punk. Either way, I’m glad he’s the head coach of Southern Cal football so that I, a UCLA fan, can be certain that I’ll be rooting against the Trojans every Saturday this fall.




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