Chris Henry’s brain and Carlos Zambrano’s anger

8 07 2010

I’ve been writing a sports blog on but haven’t given it much exposure. I’ll try to change that now. If you go into my header at the top of this page, you’ll see a PDF of each story underneath the ‘Blog’ title within that section. Below are two of my latest entries. The blog deals with fitness, weight loss, mental health, nutrition and injury issues related to sports.

The Chris Henry post looks at the study that came out in late June (I also wrote the post then) that showed Chris Henry had extended brain damage, likely from his football career, before he died late last year after falling from a moving truck.

The Carlos Zambrano post deals with athletes and anger management training. Zambrano epitomizes the hot-head mentality that many athletes are stricken with, including Zambrano’s good buddy, Ozzie Guillen.

Hope you enjoy the posts (they’re very short and to the point, as is’s requirement for the blog) and I’ll be tackling all kinds of sports in upcoming months.

Carlos Zambrano

Chris Henry




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