The Lakers’ female scout

4 07 2010

If I were to ask you to list the all the jobs a beautiful woman would work in the sports industry — from most to least likely — I bet scouting would be near the bottom of that list. Right above the guys at NBA games who take care of all the players’ errands/requests in the locker room and probably on par with the guys who wipe down footballs at NFL games when they’re pulled fresh out of the box.

Scouting is not a glamorous profession and many times goes unappreciated. That a former cheerleader/model would work in the profession goes against everything we associate between beautiful women and sports. The idea to interview Los Angeles Lakers scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin sprouted only recently. I wanted to interview an NBA scout for my SLAMonline blog to understand what components of a player’s game they look for, why they look for it and any other scout-related information I could pull from that person. I wasn’t sure where the interview would go but I felt like my blog’s readers would appreciate reading a scout’s assessment of his/her job.

Given that I’m a Lakers fan, I thought it might be an interesting twist to interview Laflin — the first and only female scout in the NBA. I wanted to tailor the interview toward almost entirely scouting. I wasn’t interested in highlighting Laflin’s sex appeal or doing a soft interview about her cheerleading/modeling career. Maybe it seems self-important of me to take some sort of pride in steering the interview toward basketball, but I believe basketball fans want basketball stories. Even with my SLAMonline interview with the New Jersey Nets’ entertainment manager (she runs their dance auditions), I had her explain her job and how she performed it. Laflin was enthusiastic and could talk for hours about scouting…there’s about 30 minutes worth of conversation here:

Click the link below to read the story.

The NBA’s only female scout




2 responses

4 07 2010
Page Seven

Nice interview. Like she mentioned, I’d imagine in the Lakers world everyone treats her with respect, but she must have to deal with some assholes when she’s out there scouting.

5 07 2010

Yeah, just check the comments on the SLAMonline link to see what people say. Pretty obvious what they say, I guess.

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