Meeting Erin Andrews

17 06 2010

Like every other red-blooded American lad, I’ve thought about the day I’d meet Erin Andrews. The sun would be shining. Her teeth would be sparkling as she smiled approvingly at me. I would keep it cool and look confident to let her know she wasn’t “all that” even though I’d be sweating just the way I used to do in sixth grade when I’d sit next to a hot girl in class.

Even though I write about sports for a living, I haven’t interviewed lots of sports personalities in person. So I didn’t think I’d be completely unfazed if I met her. That’s why it made perfect sense that a wave of nervousness overcame me as I spoke to her Tuesday at a Gillette event in a basement lounge of the Hudson Hotel on W. 57th St. in Manhattan. She looked as I thought she would and I awkwardly shaked her hand and cracked a meager “Hi” just as I expected I would.

We had a good, short chat and I joked at the end that I couldn’t wish her good luck in Game 6 of the NBA Finals that night because I grew up in Los Angeles and was therefore a God-forsaken Lakers fan, which countered her Celtics revelry. Her PR handlers genuinely laughed, although those could’ve been fake, Hollywood laughs. I don’t know and don’t care. I prefer to think that Erin Andrews and her crew thinks I’m funny.

Once our chat ended, I was whisked away to WWE star John Cena, who is probably the coolest sports figure I’ve interviewed. He’s also a Celtics fan and once I mentioned I was a Lakers guy, he asked me if I’d be able to leave the event soon enough to catch the game. What a nice guy…and now I hope the Lakers make the Celtics cry on camera tonight!

Click the link below to read the story.

Erin Andrews, John Cena Q + A




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