Fantasy trade scenarios

17 06 2010

There are many ways to engineer a fantasy baseball trade. I try not to act like too much of a salesman, which is what some others do. I remember in seventh grade when I would trade baseball/basketball cards religiously with my friends. There was one week at the start of the school year when two of my friends, Joey and Brian, were vying for a Shawn Kemp card. (This was in 1995 when Kemp was a legit fan favorite.)

Joey and Brian, for an entire week, offered to carry my books, get me soda/Snickers/M&Ms from our soda/candy machines in our halls and to even buy me lunch a couple days. I’m pretty sure that if we were high school sophomores they would have tried to buy me a bottle of MD20 or a Steel Reserve 40. They kissed my ass so much that I had to turn both of them down out of pity.

Don’t be that guy in fantasy baseball. Instead, follow these rules:

Click the link below to read the story:

Fantasy MLB (Trade scenarios)




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