Quick Finals thoughts…

14 06 2010

The most frustrating Lakers game that I’ve watched since Game 4 of the 2008 Finals had several layers of intrigue. Here are a few:

  • The Paul Pierce-to-Rajon Rondo layup late in the game is reminiscent of the ‘Bird to DJ’ play made famous by Celtics announcer Johnny Most’s call — “And… now there’s a steal by Bird, underneath to DJ and lays it down… What a play by Bird. Oh my God. This place is crazy.” That also occurred in a Game 5 (’87 Eastern Conference Finals). Unfortunately, the Pierce-to-Rondo play might be known as the play of the game. It really wasn’t, as there was something else that had a far greater effect on Game 5 between the Lakers and Celtics…
  • Get ready, I’m about to complain about a call. The Ray Allen shot that was an airball as the shot clock expired yet was ruled as having hit the rim. That shot missed with 1:05 left in the fourth quarter, the Celtics up by five points. If memory serves me correct, the Lakers didn’t get the ball back until roughly 45 seconds left, 20 seconds deeper into the game than they should have received it in the first place. Tough, tough call and result.
  • Ron Artest’s two missed free throws were the nails in the Lakers’ coffin. His first mistake was slowing up as he neared the basket, which allowed Paul Pierce to foul him hard enough to prevent Artest from getting a shot up. No and-1 situation resulted in only possibly shaving the Lakers’ deficit to four points.
  • So far the Lakers have lost games in which Andrew Bynum scored 20-plus points (Game 2) and in which Kobe dominated a quarter. He might not go off again like he did during tonight’s third quarter. Those are times at which the team needs to take advantage of great performance by a key player.



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