A Lakers journey — on film

10 06 2010

The Lakers' visit to the White House in January to recognize their 2009 NBA Finals win was just one event captured in The Association: Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA Entertainment documentary for ESPN.

I’m a huge fan of the Hard Knocks series on HBO, which takes an annual six-episode look at a different NFL team during its training camp. The access afforded to the NFL Films crews for HBO is amazing. The value to a sports fan in seeing how a team operates “behind the scenes” and the relationships that exist among different players and players and the coaching staff is without precedent. You just simply have nothing to compare it to, which is partly why the access is so fantastic to watch. The same can be said for a Lakers documentary filmed by NBA Entertainment for ESPN, a documentary which I recapped for AOL Fanhouse.

This NBAE documentary is different in that it’s an hour long. It doesn’t have a multi-episode arc like Hard Knocks. It’s about capturing all the information collected from the start of Lakers training camp until the final day of shooting — a Hornets game in late March — and presenting it in an hour. It’s tough. I know from following MLB Productions’ making of the 2009 World Series film how much work goes into a project like this. So how I was impressed with how NBAE so smoothly presented this semi-recap of the Lakers 2009-10 season. I say it’s only a semi-recap because the season still has at least two games left, continuing tonight with Game 4 of the Finals. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this story.

Click the link below to read the story.

Shadowing the Lakers for a Season




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