Nike does it again

3 06 2010

Here’s another fantastic Nike commercial, which is supposed to “debut” during Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight. It seems like in the YouTube Age that every commercial finds its way to the Internet before officially airing on TV. The element of surprise would’ve been cool had I initially seen this during tonight’s game rather than noticing Darren Rovell posting a link to this on his Twitter account. But it certainly doesn’t make the commercial any less cool.

The music is great and I love the random clips of other players and personalities who’ve had a connection with Kobe at some point during his career. There’s obviously some great Kobe moments in here, such as that sick between-the-legs pass to Lamar Odom. What I wish was included was his legendary free-throw line dunk on Ben Wallace in the 1997-98 preseason. What I wish was excluded were all snapshots of Kobe’s nasty ‘fro/goatee that he regrettably rocked for most of his late teens and early ’20s. Was that really the look in the late ’90s?



One response

4 06 2010

I like the collection of highlights but the song does nothing but detract from the ad.

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