Searching for relief

26 05 2010

Relief pitchers are the toughest position of ballplayers to judge for fantasy baseball. For reasons unknown to me, the cycle of a reliever’s career can be as adventurous as the Dow Jones average the last couple years. I really can’t theorize why so many relievers suffer from consistency issues, but it’s a struggle to stay in touch with the ones year-to-year who can help your fantasy squad.

A reliever might not pitch often enough to have a significant effect on your team’s ERA and WHIP. What they can do is give you a enough strikeouts during a week, six to eight or nine, to have the effect of another starter. That extra boost of K’s can be the difference in whether you win or lose the K category in a head-to-head format, and it can be a healthy addition to your K total in roto leagues.

As I note in this amNew York story, here are seven relievers to grab if you have room for bullpen guys who aren’t closers.

Click the link below to read the story.

Fantasy MLB (Relief choices)




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