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19 05 2010

Fun day, I’m starting a blog on a different website and I’ll have more on that once I figure out details. In the meantime, please enjoy this amNew York fantasy baseball story that looks at struggling MLB players.

Click on the link below to read the story.

Fantasy MLB (Cold player bouncebacks)




2 responses

20 05 2010
Mets Maize

what site?

20 05 2010
Mets Maize

also, i forwarded your article to a buddy of mine who i’ve been arguing with about beckett since the start of the season (alex, diehard sox fan). i thought the whole point, other than winning games, of bringing in lackey was to be put in a better bargaining position with beckett. given how smart theo is, i’m baffled by beckett’s in-season extension given the type of his injuries and the uncertainty surrounding his velocity. this is a pitcher who needs his fastball and never known to really paint corners. sox rarely make bad deals, but i think this one will hurt alla ollie perez.

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