NBA on an African safari

18 05 2010

Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh plant a peach tree in South Africa while on the NBA's Basketball Without Borders trip in 2009. (NBA)

Okay, the headline isn’t meant to indicate that NBA personnel will take vacation time over the summer to go on a safari in Africa. What it means is that the NBA, as a brand, will venture onto the continent. Actually, it already has. The NBA and Africa have a connection dating back to the ’80s, when Hakeem Olajuwan — he used to spell it Akeem — joined the League and the NBA began broadcasting its games over there.

Times have changed, the NBA has become very global and now an official NBA office resides in Johannesburg. (That’s in South Africa.) The following interview with the man who runs that office, Amadou Gallo Fall, will kick off a series in which I speak with a representative of every NBA regional office around the globe. What I want to accomplish is to discover how the NBA plans to market its brand — and spread the love of basketball — to the particular world region in which they’re located. Fall starts by discussing the issues he’ll deal with in building a basketball infrastructure in Africa.

Click on the link below to read the article.

NBA travels to Africa




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18 05 2010
Mets Maize

that picture is priceless

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