A twinbill at Citi Field

10 05 2010

I had tickets to attend the Dodgers-Mets game at Citi Field April 26 — only the game was rained out. That meant the teams played a doubleheader the following day and since I had tickets for the April 27 game as well, I was given the pleasure of attending my first twinbill. I took a bunch of pictures from that cold, windy day.

It is indeed a very beautiful stadium. The rotunda is supposed to represent Ebbets Field, the Dodgers' home field in Brooklyn for the first half of the 20th century. That's right, Citi Field pays homage in many ways to the Dodgers. Yes.

Here is the inside of the rotunda, which is basically an ode to Jackie Robinson. He was never a Met; he was a Dodger. Yes.

The main part of the rotunda. Between games, I stood at the top near a trash can and listened to two guys tell two girls about their trip to Holland.

Let's play ball! That bridge over the 'Wise' sign in right-center field is where I stood for most of the first game. There's also the Pepsi porch in upper right field that is probably a really cool place to watch a game in the summer. Actually, it probably isn't cool so much as it would be sweltering.

Since Kuroda is on two of my fantasy teams, I shouted 'Let's go Kuroda!' right after I took this picture. It was incredibly awkward for me because Kuroda kept walking as if he didn't hear anything and nobody else was around in the bleachers to hear my support. I turned to the left to look at the concourse and all I saw was a confused usher wondering why the hell I was yelling for no apparent reason.

Unidentified Dodgers warm up for the game as I continue to yell out supportive statements that possibly nobody can hear.

I used to think Shake Shack -- a NYC institution -- was overrated until I scarfed down a double Shack burger with fries while watching the grounds crew finish their field maintenance. About $14 for it but that's the price you pay for living the high life.

A robust crowd was in the stands to enjoy the opening moments of the first game. I'm standing at Shea Bridge, soaking in the sun that made the first game tolerable.

Here is Johan Santana pitching to Andre Ethier. Johan struggled to find the strike zone initially, which led to a really annoying sequence in the second inning when a Mets fan near me repeatedly yelled "Throw a strike Ollie!" He thought Oliver Perez was on the mound, but, no. It was Johan. Nobody actually corrected the guy, probably just assuming that he was crazy.

There goes your hat!

The seats are filling up at Citi Field.

Here is the oddest part of Citi Field. This is the Dodgers bullpen, which has a unclear view of the field. There is a staircase behind Shea Bridge which you can walk down to access this bullpen. So, it's cool to see pitchers warm up, but you have hardly any view of what's happening on the field. Just odd all the way around.

"Run, get that trash!" "Get that bag!" "You missed one!" Those were all quotes shouted out by classy Mets fans as men, young and old, tracked down trash that was being whipped around the field by 30-plus mph winds. Fun times, indeed.




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10 05 2010
Mets Maize

gotta try the pulled pork from blue smoke next time… also $14, also delicious

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