The guy who turned down the NFL

8 05 2010

Scott Sicko’s last name has provided much symbolism for many NFL commentators and “experts” since the NFL Draft ended. If you’re not familiar with Sicko, he’s the University of New Hampshire football player who went undrafted a couple weeks ago and then refused to sign with one of many interested teams afterward as a free agent. Many sports writers feel he is a “sicko” for not signing with an NFL team and potentially earning big-time money; this is why I often get annoyed by the sports media, even though I’m apart of it.

Instead of respecting Sicko’s decision to go back to school in order to become a history professor, sports writers have criticized the guy for not taking advantage of a small window of his life in which he can become rich. But it’s convenient for those writers that they’re not the ones who would have to put their body on the line. That would be Sicko.

What we’ve learned from concussions and their effects on athletes’ long-term health should give every sports-loving person a new perspective on the payoff of actually being a football player. All the money in the world might not be worth shaving years off your life, and making whatever years are left far more mentally draining and physically painful than seems fair.

I have serious doubt that most of the sports writers — and fans — who are criticizing Sicko for not going to the NFL would have the mental and physical toughness to attempt an NFL career if they had the physical size and skills to become a candidate. It takes a special person to survive in such a physical sport, one who plays either because of a severe amount of competitiveness or out of a sense of desperation because of a lack of other ways to make a significant amount of money. But what Sicko is doing is simply making a healthy life choice. He doesn’t value money the same way most of society does. He’d rather live a healthier life and follow a career path for which he obviously has a passion. That should be enough to satisfy everybody, even the media.

Update: A friend informed me Sicko signed with the Dallas Cowboys. I did some Googling and found it occurred April 27, so this entire story was worthless. Uhhh, disregard.




2 responses

10 05 2010
Page Seven

Sicko signed with the Cowboys.

10 05 2010
Mets Maize

lol — never doubt the power of the NFL again! roger will eat you

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