Ugly alternate sports uniforms

26 04 2010

This isn't even the ugliest uniform captured in this story.

Sports and fashion can often produce head-scratching results when their powers combine. Understanding that is usually a good place to display such hilarious examples, I set out to find the ten ugliest alternate sports uniforms. (Okay, I lied. This was actually pitched to me by an editor.)

You already know that sports teams have home and away jerseys. But most teams have assembled “alternate” uniforms in recent years, primarily as a way for them to create a new revenue stream by selling the jerseys to the public. It’s easy to find the most eye-melting uniforms, but it’d be quite another thing for me to convey why they looked so ugly. That’s why I recruited Sabrina Alexis Newman, who runs the fashion and lifestyle website She contributed her professional opinion about the fashion sensibility of each uniform; she also ended up writing her thoughts in a far more humorous manner than I did. I never thought I’d write an article about sports fashion but working on this makes me want to dig out my baby blue ‘MLPS’ Lakers jersey.

Click the link below to read the story.

The 10 Worst Alternate Jerseys




One response

11 04 2011

Nice article. Here are some ugly NFL unis from the 1980’s:

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