Quinn’s Groundhog Day scenario

25 04 2010

I haven’t read one story about Tim Tebow since he was drafted. The attention surrounding him alienated me beyond the point of alienation, thanks primarily to ESPN’s coverage of him. He’ll surely be the center of attention for the Broncos’ marketing plan heading into next season, but I can’t figure out why they chose him after they acquired Brady Quinn.

The Broncs didn’t give up a lot for Quinn — fullback Peyton Hills, a sixth-rounder next year and a conditional pick in 2012 — but they should put all their resources into his development. Instead, they’ll have to co-develop Tebow and him, assuming they consider Tebow only a quarterback and unable to produce at other positions.

I appreciate the spirit of competition and wanting young players to step up in the face of it. But did the Broncs consider Quinn’s past when they chose to pair him with yet another young quarterback? Quinn was obviously alienated to all ends in Cleveland with their inability to choose between him and Derek Anderson. Now it must feel like Groundhog Day for Quinn with Tebow aboard.

It’s hard to believe that Quinn and Tebow can survive long-term together, since Tebow doesn’t seem especially motivated to play anything but quarterback. NFL offenses work in odd ways these days, so perhaps the Broncs will try to incorporate Tebow similar to how the Eagles incorporated Vick into their offense, only in a more prominent manner. But a team undoubtedly has to have a leader if it wishes to become a Super Bowl contender. We’ll see if they ruined their chance at providing Brady Quinn with the chance to become that team leader.



2 responses

25 04 2010
Mets Maize

i should have more sympathy, but i don’t. suck it ND

26 04 2010
Page Seven

I can’t wait for the first time Tebow tries to pray in the huddle and someone tells him to shut the fuck up.

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