Quotes of the Week X

23 04 2010

I’ve been shaky about continuing my Quotes of the Week column, primarily because I’ve had more work the last few weeks and haven’t made the time to read as many stories during the week. I’m trying to change that so in this instance, I’ll add quotes I accumulated the last two weeks:
Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron on passing a kidney stone:
“I’ve never been shot, but if getting shot is worse than this, I hope I never get shot.” Touche.

Theo Epstein on the state of the Red Sox:
“Right now, we’re not playing worth a shit.”

David Stern to NBA players and coaches complaining about the referees:
“And if someone wants to try me in the rest of these playoffs, you, make my day…”

Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden’s suggestion on what Alex Rodriguez should do after A-Rod ran across the pitcher’s mound while jogging back to his dugout:
“Tell him to go do laps in the bullpen.”

Braden when asked if A-Rod apologized:
“The guy was tasting himself too long to apologize.” I’m not sure what that means but I assumed it was a set-up for an ‘A-Rod has purple lips’ joke.

Ryan Dempster on what the Cubs’ clubhouse renovation means to him:
“I’ll probably still be playing cards next to the washing machine and dryer in the back.”

Cubs Hall of Famer Billy Williams when asked to compare the Cubs locker room when he played in the ’50s and ’60s versus their new, flatscreen TV-laden lounge:
“Our TV was black and white, and we used to look at the ‘Flinstones.'”

Yankees pitcher Chan Ho Park on why he was sick for a few days:
“I had a lot of diarrhea. Is that what you want to know?” He repeated the ‘diarrhea’ comment three more times in 30 seconds despite Joba Chamberlain and Dave Robertson squealing in laughter.




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