Big Ben probably a Big Idiot

18 04 2010

It would be hypocritical for me to suggest that any Steelers fan should abandon his love for Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben’s two cases of sexual harassment — with a third case apparently lurking around the corner — isn’t much different from Kobe Bryant’s sexual harassment case in 2003-04. Even though Kobe came away innocent in the case, he still settled in a civil suit, which indicates some sort guilt.

In regards to Big Ben, he was at least cleared on his first case, in which his accuser admitted the sex was consensual. The second case, involving the college bar in Georgia, is more disturbing. I don’t know if it’s more disturbing than Kobe’s case, since I don’t want to rank one over the other since in both there is the possibility that a girl was subjected to actions she didn’t want. But it is perplexing that Big Ben would put himself in a situation which you would’ve thought he’d have learned from after his first occurrence with a sexual harassment claim. So, instead of calling Big Ben disgusting or a pervert, I tend to think of him as an idiot. And lacking self-awareness. Which makes him a lot like Tiger.

Steelers fans have to feel a strong allegiance to Big Ben since he helped carry the team to a pair of Super Bowl victories in four seasons. And since he’s only 28, Steelers fans were — and perhaps still are — looking forward to more big things from him as he enters his prime.

Yet, just as I did with Kobe, they’ll be better off if they like him only for what he does on the field instead of trying to idolize Big Ben the person. Again, just from the fact that he’s repeatedly put himself in compromising positions with women makes him seems like a big dweeb, an idiot and extremely immature. Whether he deserves to represent the Steelers and everything that organization stands for is probably best argued by an ardent Steelers fan. But Big Ben is another example of why professional athletes will disappoint you if you rely too much on them to act like good guys.




One response

19 04 2010
Mets Maize

agree here — the holmes deal on the day Georgia’s DA announced that no charges would be filed against Ben showed that the Roonies will only tolerate a certain amount of bad pub and Ben has got the rest of the team covered for this season and probably the next few. it took a few years (and some good additions) for kobe to get back on track both personally and professionally to a point where his rape case is secondary to everything else. this will stick with ben until the steelers are back in the playoffs.

you’ve written about this issue a lot and i think tiger’s fiasco has validated everything you’ve said. i think this is just the tip of the iceberg; these are the people who got CAUGHT. if everybody else was just as stupid and got caught, there’d be a headline everyday. it just goes to show that to avoid being disappointed, you need to separate what they do on the field/court/ice from what they do during their down time.

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